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December 2013


Details On Grass

Posted by khaled in Cleaning Blog

We see grasses everywhere. It can be seen in one’s backyard, playground and in just about anywhere outdoors. Aside from the beauty it lends to homes, what exactly makes grass one of the most important plants to grow inside your lawns? What makes it so…

What is a Land Survey?

Posted by khaled in Cleaning Blog

A Land Survey is a generic identify for a survey. If you read on, you will see that there are many types of surveys. Let’s first try to answer the most popular questions. Just what is a Property Survey? A Property Survey is a document…

Dr A Asadi, Scarborough

Posted by khaled in Testimonials

Great attention to detail and customer service. Golden Line cares for our facility as if it was their own asset, which has translated into a facility that is better maintained and serviced on a weekly basis. Thank you again

David Brant, Downtown Toronto

Posted by khaled in Testimonials

My first time using GLPM to clean offices for my company. GLPM  took care of cleaning the blinds left by the last tenant. The windows were 6 ft high up and filthy. The team took care of wiping down all the dust that was left…

Elizabeth Macbright, Richmond Hill

Posted by khaled in Testimonials

We had  our apartment cleaned last month and they did an amazing job.  It was a 6 hour deep cleaning service, and they were able to do every room in our apartment – all surfaces, furniture, appliances etc.  This is the best cleaning service we…